We Take the Stress and Complications Out of Courier Services

When you need a courier service in Phoenix for your medical office, you don’t want to stress about when it will arrive or deal with a complicated ordering system. At STAT Courier Service, our professionals are here to give you consistent services that you can rely on whether you have time-sensitive material you need delivered in the same day or you have a set schedule you need deliveries for. We take the guesswork out of courier services, so you can focus on what matters.

Our Professional Team Delivers in Hours

We understand how vital it is that you get deliveries within hours, and that’s why our team is fast to respond, and we always act with a sense of urgency. We know that deadlines can get tight, and we don’t just think of ourselves as your courier service in Phoenix, but as your partner and solution when you need reliable services. When you get outstanding medical courier services, we know that you’ll come back to us again and again, and we look forward to keeping our customers happy.

You Can Count on Us to Have the Latest Technology

To serve our customers better, we use the latest technology to ensure you have access to real time tracking and know exactly when your package will arrive. We make each aspect of working with us organized and efficient from emailing to ordering to tracking to signing. Our courier services are designed with our customers in mind, and keeping up with the latest technology makes deliveries even more convenient.

Learn More About Our Pre-Scheduled Routes and Spontaneous Delivery

Whether you work in a medical office that is open twenty-four hours a day or your dental facility is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours, we’ll be there to deliver. We handle everything from pre-scheduled routes to spontaneous deliveries. Knowing that we give our customers the most convenient Phoenix courier services makes our job more enjoyable and your experience simply better.

Let Us Be Your Courier Service Solution

If you have any questions about our courier services or your ready for a solution for your sensitive deliveries, you can count on our team. We are highly skilled at delivering documents, sensitive materials, equipment and more, and we make sure everything is done with security and privacy at the forefront of our minds. Let us know how we can be of service for your business today.

Our office is located at:
8989 E Via Linda #212
Phoenix AZ 85258